Service Concepts



We have developed the BackApp service to make daily legal matters easier for your company. When customized legal counsel is needed, BackApp is an efficient solution.

The BackApp concept includes:

  • your own Applex team for your company: an experienced team of two lawyers which is familiar with your company’s business model and your company’s daily legal matters
  • background support by Applex’s entire group of business law experts
  • a fixed pre-agreed number of expert hours which are freely available for your use
  • an unlimited help desk service in cases that are solvable by phone or e-mail without background research or/and becoming familiar with any documents
  • a model contract portfolio which includes, for example up-to-date NDA templates, labor contracts and officer and director agreements
  • interactive mApplex workspace for communication between your company and our law team. mApplex is also suitable for the safe-storage of contracts and documents

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Are your company’s critical contracts written?
Are the sales and purchase agreements up-to-date?
What about contracts of employment and contracts of managers?
Do your company’s contracts of employment and contracts of managers include non-disclosure agreements and non-compete terms?
Are the contracts made or checked by professionals?
Is your company’s shareholders’ agreement up-to-date?

How have you organized your personal matters? Have you possibly written a testament or marriage settlement in order to protect the closest ones around you?

If you answered “no” to a question or were unsure about your response, we suggest that our lawyer checks your company’s contracts and your personal contracts as well.

We want to be your partner in legal risk management, with the goal being that your legal risks are minimized and your company can concentrate on growing and developing its operations.

Applex’s PushApp is an investment that pays for itself. Applex’s experienced and knowledgeable lawyers analyze your business agreements, and give feedback and recommendations quickly and in a professional manner.

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StartApp is specially designed to meet needs for young and innovative growth companies, its purpose being to support start up companies’ business operations. Applex helps start up companies to succeed by offering advice on such matters as the establishment of a company, drafting a shareholders’ agreement, understanding intellectual property rights, and non-disclosure agreements. StartApp can be applied as an independent project or as an initial phase for BackApp cooperation.


Applex has developed digital tools to promote the work of the board of directors and management. AppBoard is an established self-assessment tool for boards of directors to analyze their performance and their operations quickly and effectively.

Appboard evaluation helps you to assess our company’s commercial success and strategy, your company’s goals, opportunities and risks and the composition of your board of directors and their work practices.

The Appboard tool is completed anonymously and its results are handled with confidentiality. Most of the questions are multiple-choice. In addition, the respondents have the opportunity to comment on their choices.

We provide a summary of the answers within five working days after receiving all the answers.

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mApplex is an interactive workspace for communication between your company and our law team. mApplex is also suitable for the safe storage of contracts and documents. We offer mApplex for our BackApp clients.

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