Industry Expertise

Applex is a law firm offering legal services to match your business needs. We are a reliable partner for companies and entrepreneurs in legal risk management and our lawyers are known for their wide-ranging industry knowledge. Our clientele consists of companies of different sizes and branches, from small start-ups to expansive stock-exchange companies that deal with international business operations.

Construction law, real estate law, and building related legal services are the core areas of our expertise. Due to our thorough knowledge of construction and real estate, we are able to meet the needs of the various positions of our clients, and provide them with concrete solutions and genuine added value. We support our clients, for instance in construction works, acquisitions and sales of individual properties, and real estate portfolios.

Since the real estate business often involves disputes, we regularly advise and represent our clients in dispute resolution, both in court proceedings and out-of-court settlements. Our experts have assisted in hundreds of commercial disputes, and that´s why we have a professional and practical approach to dispute resolution.

Our lawyers have extensive international and domestic experience in large scale ICT system deliveries, as well as complex ICT outsourcing. We have advised clients in demanding international trade assignments, license agreements, and maintenance contracts. In addition, our lawyers will be happy to help you with Lean contracts, data protection and regulatory issues, mobile device applications, and software development issues.

Skilful legal aid may help to reach the innovative solutions needed to get a competitive advantage in challenging industry, energy and cleantech sectors. We provide strong legal expertise and manage the international aspects of this kind of industry. In addition, our experts have a broad understanding of our clients’ business needs. We have advised clients in demanding international operations, commercial dispute resolutions, and arbitration proceedings.

Our clients are corporations that are significant players in their own fields. Handling this complex and challenging industry requires both extensive and specialised expertise. We have advised clients in demanding negotiations, acquisitions, and everyday business operations.

We are experienced in handling technology-, media- and telecommunications law. We have advised many large media and advertising agencies in different agreements and commercial matters. In addition, we have extensive experience in competition law and intellectual property.

The inter-disciplinary nature and internationality scope of health and life sciences, together with issues concerning intellectual property rights, make this an extremely challenging area. We represent our clients, as well as investors, in this field in areas such as biotechnology, medicine, and natural products. One of our lawyers has specialized in medical and bio law.