Are your company’s critical contracts written?
Are the sales and purchase agreements up-to-date?
What about contracts of employment and contracts of managers?
Do your company’s contracts of employment and contracts of managers include non-disclosure agreements and non-compete terms?
Are the contracts made or checked by professionals?
Is your company’s shareholders’ agreement up-to-date?

How have you organized your personal matters? Have you possibly written a testament or marriage settlement in order to protect the closest ones around you?

If you answered “no” to a question or were unsure about your response, we suggest that our lawyer checks your company’s contracts and your personal contracts as well.

We want to be your partner in legal risk management, with the goal being that your legal risks are minimized and your company can concentrate on growing and developing its operations.

Applex’s PushApp is an investment that pays for itself. Applex’s experienced and knowledgeable lawyers analyze your business agreements, and give feedback and recommendations quickly and in a professional manner.

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